Friday, August 22, 2014

Band Review: Rivers Monroe

I have been listening to Rivers Monroe on Spotify this week, and because of that Spotify suggested I should try listening to Sleeping With Sirens. I guess that could work, but they remind me more of Boys Like Girls, with the combination of pop hooks and some country undertones, where it would seem like they could do well as crossover artists.

(Actually, "Summer Starts Tonight" did make me think a little of The Academy Is, so maybe that's the middle ground.)

The self-titled album, Rivers Monroe, is longer than most, with fourteen tracks and 51 minutes. The songs are very earnest and sincere, but also kind of run together. Probably the next step for the band, who are successfully building a fan base, would be establishing a more distinctive voice. Right now everything is pleasant, but it feels like there could be more. I live the guitars, but it feels like with what they are doing the songs should have more bite.

My favorite song was probably "Girls in the Front Row" for the intro, but there is a video for the first track, "Moments", and I recommend checking that out. It gives a good sense of the band, and if you like it you will like them and should listen to the rest of the album.

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